Choosing The Correct Post Mastectomy Bra

By September 27, 2018 Journal

The most common error in fitting is choosing a loose bra band in the name of comfort and a small cup size in the name of modesty.  This actually results in a poorly fitted bra and most importantly, a very uncomfortable one. 

A mastectomy bra, apart from supporting the natural breast tissue is required to house the breast prostheses securely. A poorly fitted bra can severely effect how comfortable it is to wear your breast prosthesis.

The following are key tips for evaluating your bra fit. Evaluate each of the component of the bra according. I recommend that you do this while standing in front of a mirror.

CUPS:  if there are wrinkles or an excess of fabric in the cup area, the cup size is too big.  Breast tissue should be fully contained within the cup to give a smooth, natural silhouette.  If there are visible bulges at the top or sides, or if some breast tissue shows at the front or underarm, then the cup size is too small.  You may also want to choose a bra style with a higher front section to contain the entire breast tissue.

BACK: one very common problem is with the back of the bra riding up or the sides feeling loose; in this case, the band size is too big.  The band of the bra should stay comfortably in place, parallel to the floor.

BAND: a properly fitted bra will feel comfortably snug, yet allow sufficient room to breathe and to slip a finger between your skin and the bra band.  If the bottom band digs in, your band size might be too small.  A common mistake we see often is women wearing bras with a narrow bra band – the wider the bra band the less pressure will be placed over the chest wall. This is also an important tip for women who had a number lymph nodes removed. 

Try securing the bra at the loosest hook & eye adjustment or change the bra band size for a larger one.  If the bra moves constantly, the band is too big.  We often think a loose bra is more comfortable but it’s actually the opposite; if the bra is comfortably snug, you will forget you are even wearing one! 

The bra band further plays an important role in supporting the weight of the breast prostheses – correctly fitted, the weight should not rest on your shoulders but on the bra band.

STRAPS:  If the straps are digging into your shoulders, the bottom band of your bra is probably too big and is not supporting you properly.  Try a smaller band size.  On the other hand, the bottom band could also be too small if the straps are slipping down your shoulders. 

The straps can loosen during the day or after washing, and you should ensure they are adjusted properly first.  Remember, it’s the bottom band of the bra that is mostly supporting your breasts and your prosthesis; the straps are there to keep the breast tissue or breast prosthesis close to the chest, not drooping down.  

You can also try bras with wider or cushioned straps.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any bra fitting problems. You can reach me on ; alternatively locater the closest M Store branch to you and let one of our certified fitters assist you in finding the perfect fit.

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