Being newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer was frightening and really really alone, by Babette Labuschagne.
I’ve known one other person who had breast cancer. He was a great friend of mine that was diagnosed at 18. I haven’t spoken to him in years, although I’ve held him close to my heart all this time. (Yes men can get breast cancer too)
I didn’t know who to turn to. What to expect. It felt really alone. I had support. I had my family and close friends, but none of them understood.
My doctor said: “Babette, I can tell you what the side effects are, I can tell you you’re going to lose your hair, you’re going to be nauseous, but I can’t tell you how this will make you feel. I can’t tell you what emotions you’re going to experience because I haven’t been through it”
So where could I turn? There aren’t a lot of women that speak about it that I’ve seen.
I found comfort in google. I searched “Celebrities with breast cancer” and I read their stories and what they are doing to help with awareness.
Here are a few celebs with breast cancer:
Kylie Minogue
Christina Applegate
Giuliana Rancic
Sheryl Crow
Cynthia Nixon
Olivia Newton John
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Carly Simon
Dame Maggie Smith
Suzanne Somers
Kathy Bates
Reading their stories gave me hope, but also made me realize that its not weird for me to have it. Kylie Minogue had breast cancer at 36! The same kind as me! And look how beautiful and strong she is today, 14 years later!!
It’s because of this search that I decided to speak out. To tell all of you how I am feeling and what I am experiencing.
There are a lot of us out there… you never have to feel alone.

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