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Breast prostheses that are lighter in weight offer women a natural look and feel of a standard weight breast form; without the additional weight of standard silicon breast prostheses.

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External breast prostheses are kept in position by pocketed post mastectomy bras, as there is no skin, ligaments & connective tissue covering the breast prostheses. This add additional weight within the bra that may add strain to your shoulders when wearing a breast prostheses – especially when you are not wearing a correctly fitted or sized bra.

Light weight breast prostheses will reduce the weight on your shoulders and is ideal for –

  • Women with a small breast
  • In & around the house
  • Leisure
  • Sleeping in
Lighter breast prostheses are made from lighter weight & powder blown silicons, as well as new manufacturing techniques. The following are some of our most prescribed light weight breast prostheses –

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Silima Ultra Light Breast Form

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  • Key Features are-

      • Special lightweight silicone achieves weight saving of up to 60%  when compared to standard breast prostheses.
      • Silima Ultra Light is ideal for leisure activities, wearing at home and swimming
      • Special cut-out ensures comfortable ventilation or water drainage
      • Ideal for weight-saving in larger cup sizes
      • Revolutionary design creates a natural body image
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Anita Equitex Breast Prostheses

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