Lumpectomy prosthesis are used after breast conserving surgery, where only apart of your breast have been removed. The role of these breast prostheses after breast conservation surgery,  is to fill the space left by the surgical removal of a part of your breast. Depending on the size of breast tissue removed, symmetry between your non-effected breast and the breast that had a lumpectomy, your breast might not identical after a lumpectomy. The lumpectomy breast prostheses will ensure symmetry , provide the lift and/or shape that you require to match you natural or opposing breast. This will reinstate your silhouette and   improve the overall fit of bras and clothing.

The 2 main groups of breast prostheses used for lumpectomies are –

    • “Shells” or “Fillers” &
    • Partial breast prostheses


Shells are effective where a large part of the breast is removed or when asymmetry occur during and/or after  breast reconstruction. These silicon shells provide the lift and or shape that you require to match you natural or opposing breast.

Depending on the amount of “fill” that the breast prostheses need to create different silicon shells are used.  as well as custom made options. Our mastectomy fitter will fit you with a number of options to achieve the desired symmetry and correct fit.

We also have custom made options available –


A variety of partial breast prostheses are available to fill to “gap” left by your breast surgery. As a lumpectomy procedure requires the surgeon to remove the part of the breast where the “lump” is present, asymmetry between your breasts are created.

Partial breast prostheses are there to fill these “gaps”, created by your lumpectomy surgery. A variety of options are available as well as  custom made solutions. 

If you’ve never been professionally fitted before, now is the time. We have a number of specifically designed bras and breast prostheses for you as well as a wealth of knowledge that we would love to share.