We have the correct bra and breast form for every stage after your mastectomy, temporary expander and final implant stage


After your surgery we recommend you wear a post surgery bra that is non-underwired and front-fastening bra. This is helpful as you might struggle lifting your arms due to the node clearance preformed and find it difficult to get your bra on and fastened.

A post surgery bra offers enough stretch, and should be able to accommodate constantly changing size of your bust during expansions while still providing frequent amount of support to make you feel secure and comfortable. We recommend the Anna and Calmia

In cases where only one side is to be reconstructed, a breast filler prosthesis with our Calmia or Anna with pockets in the cup to hold the breast filler securely housed, will  provide the correct support, comfort and symmetry until the smaller breast reaches its full size. 

The breast filler we recommend for temporary expanders is the Anita Equitex as the volume can be adjusted with expansions to achieve optimal symmetry.


If you’ve never been professionally fit before, now’s the time. When you had natural tissue you may not have paid much attention to the bra’s design and correct fit because you could place your breast into the cup, pushing it side to side or lifting it up and down. 

With reconstruction- because the implants are not as soft and shape forming as natural breast tissue that is no longer an option- we suggest bras without the underwire and without the defined, immovable cups. You will need a bra’s that form to the shape of your breast and not the other way around. Stretch is good and a key feature you should look for going forward. 

Generally after your reconstruction, your breast/s will tend to be flatter, rounder, sit higher and potentially have a degree of unevenness. To solve these challenge we recommend bras that can form to your new body while still providing support. [Anna, Allie, Flora, Calmia, Extreme Control]

Should the unevenness between your breasts make you feel uncomfortable or is visible when wearing clothing, a partial or filler breast prostheses can be used to create symmetry between your breasts. Breast forms to create symmetry after reconstruction can be made are silicon or soft fibre fill (Surgical Cotton that is houses is a reshaped form