Recovery Breast Prostheses - "Softee's"

Recovery prostheses or “Softee’s” are microfilmed breast forms that can be worn immediately after surgery to restore your body image.

Immediately after the surgery, bras and breast forms made of super gentle micromodal fibre and cotton are the best choice to restore your body image, and making you feel comfortable. The fabrics in the bras & breast forms help protect the sensitive skin and may also be worn during a radiation therapy.

Recovery breast forms are light and gentle post-operative breast forms that can be worn within your post op bra or camisole

  • Recovery Forms can be individually filled with medical fleece to obtain the correct size
  • The cotton are pre shaped to provide a natural breast shape with smooth body outline
  • They are extremely light in weight and will provide the symmetry you requiring while healing.
  • Post operative breast forms are also great for leisure time once healed when you do not what to wear your fully weighted prostheses