Breast Prostheses for Exercise and Swimming

When exercising it is advised to wear a lighter weighted breast prostheses. As movement of your breast prostheses is prevented by a post mastectomy bra (In this case post mastectomy sport bra – please see sports bra section) a lighter prostheses decreases the strain on your shoulders and back. *It is important wearing the correct bra when training.

Swimming breast prostheses are equipped with stronger film containing the silicon within the breast form. This is required as the chemicals used in swimming pools have a corrosive effect on breast forms. Breast prostheses used for swimming are also hollowed at the back to ensure water draining between the prostheses and the chest, which prevents the prostheses from moving around. *It is important wearing a post mastectomy swim suite when swimming to ensure your breast prostheses stays is place

Here are a couple of our most popular light weight breast forms used for exercising and swimming

The Silima Ultra Light is our most light weight breast prostheses. It achieve the weight saving through a hollowed out back.

This breast prostheses is ideal for active patients as well as women struggling to wear naturally weighted breast prostheses.

  • Key Features are-

      • Special lightweight silicone achieves weight saving of up to 60%  when compared to standard breast prostheses.
      • Silima Ultra Light is ideal for leisure activities, wearing at home and swimming
      • Special cut-out ensures comfortable ventilation or water drainage
      • Ideal for weight-saving in larger cup sizes
      • Revolutionary design creates a natural body image

The Anita Care, Pure Fresh Silicone Swim Form is soft and lightweight silicone breast form designed for active use including swimming. It is symmetrical gel breast form is ideal for swimming and sports activity with grooved inside for airflow and comfort while working out.

Key features of this breast form is:

  • This clear silicone swim prosthesis by Anita gives you a fantastic natural shape in your swimwear.
  • Soft and lightweight – up to 25% lighter than standard silicone
  • Symmetrical triangular swim form
  • Transparent design with a slight aqua hue
  • Hollowed out at the back to allow water to drain away freely and air to circulate

The Anita Active features a ribbed design to reduce the weight of the breast prostheses.

Apart from the weight reduction, the Anita Active is a great breast prostheses for swimming as its ribbed design lets water drain quicker our the back of the prostheses ensuring it stays in place during swimming.

The ribbed design is also good for air circulation The Anita Actice further features a thin edge concealing the transitions to the skin.

The Anita Active breast form is ideal for:

    • the patented ribbed design was specially developed for treatment with lightweight prosthetics and for all sporting activities
    • up to 25% less weight compared with a full prosthesis
    • during swimming, the water runs off more quickly
    • the perfect skin climate, thanks to air chambersWomen looking for a breast form that feels soft and move naturally.