A breast prosthesis is a silicon made external breast, that has a similar weight (if you feel comfortable with this), feel and shape as your existing breast. A breast prosthesis will complete your body’s outline and symmetry ensuring that you feel more confident and like your old self. There are various different styles, shapes, weighed and colour prostheses to suite your specific requirements – please see the “Choosing the correct breast prostheses for me” section for more information.

External breast prostheses are kept in position by either fitting into a pocketed mastectomy bras or by attaching directly to the skin. In South Africa pocket bras designed to securely house your breast prostheses are the most popular options

No women’s body is exactly the same, and neither will your breast prostheses be. It is important that you are fitted by a qualified mastectomy fitter to obtain the correct prostheses for you.

The M Store now provide a professional breast prostheses fitting at our various practices as well as each of the CANSA care Centre’s across South Africa – please contact your closed centre to set up an appointment.