Extreme Control – Sports Post Mastectomy Bra

The Extreme Control is an award winning sports bra that offer maximum support.

The Extreme Control by Anita

The Extreme control sport bra is the most support sports bra available and is ideal for women with larger bust sizes.

The Extreme Control fuses high-function details like no other sports bra: supported by the non stretch straps which produces a “less bounce“ effect  while still being easy to wear and comfortable with suede interior for anti-chaffe action.

The Anita Extreme Control sports bra has the following features:

  • The 3-sectioned outer cup has especially smooth fabrics.
  • Active sweat management ensured by terry cloth pockets on both sides.
  • The back is highly breathable due to mesh fabric.
  • The straps are padded for extreme comfort.
  • The ergonomically designed prevent straps from falling off.
  • There is less movement ensured by the 3-section cup and use of material support under each cup.
  • Adjustable straps ensures adjustability and customised fit.
  • Firm supporting fabrics in the cup provide support and security.
  • 3-position back fasteners ensure more support.
  • Wide side walls contain additional skin or skin flap left after a mastectomy.
  • High sternal section prevents gaping (the bra and prostheses moving away from the chest wall).


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