Lymph-O-Fit _ Compression Arm Sleeve

The Lymphofit is a hi-tech arm sleeve made from fabric that has a “dimple” like texture that provides a massaging effect on the skin and lymph vessels to activate and improve lymph drainage.


The Lymph-O-Fit Arm Sleeve

A Lymph-O-Fit  arm sleeve is set apart from other arm sleeves by its  unique burled (“Dimpled”) textured material that provides a massaging and effect on the hypodermis skin layer and minor lymph vessels to activate and improve lymph drainage.

A Lymph-O-Fit arm sleeve offers compression for women who suffer from mild lymphoedema in the arm.

The Lymph-O-Fit Arm Sleeve has the following features:

  • “Dimpled” textured material provides a massaging effect in addition top compression to facilitate lymph drainage
  • Breathable, air permeable fabric of the Lymph O Fit was engineered to help transport moisture away from the skin to ensure continued wearing comfort.
  • Full length arm sleeve with contoured upper end for lymphatic relief.
  • Simple, quick application.
  • The shaped hand section prevents swelling of the hand.
  • Also indicated for use after arm lift surgery and liposuction.


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