Breast Prosthesis

An artificial breast form, worn after a lumpectomy or mastectomy, with the purpose of replicating the size, shape and feel of your natural breast. A correctly fitted breast form will ensure that your body image is restored and will help with your posture, prevent shoulder drop and assist with your balance. In addition to this your clothes will fit well again, and you will feel more confident.

With our wide range of breast prosthetic forms, there will always be an option that will best suit your needs. The below images and descriptions are examples of the different types of breast prosthesis, but bear in mind that there are also different sizes, colours, and shapes. These options will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Softi Breast Prosthesis-the immediate post-op solution

Should you wish to have a breast prosthesis immediately after your mastectomy, this would be your solution. It is often referred to as a ‘’softi’’ and is made of a fiber fill with a material covering. These are generally worn until you are fully healed and are ready for your more permanent solution (around 6-8 weeks), the silicone breast form.

Partial breast prosthesis

For the ladies who have had a lumpectomy, or a reconstruction and the symmetry is not correct, the silicone partial breast form will help symmetrize you by filling in the space where breast tissue has been removed, allowing a restored outline and comfort when wearing clothes. The appropriate form will be chosen during your consultation, and this prosthesis will be fitted into your post-mastectomy bra.
Often after breast reconstruction, women may gain or lose a significant amount of weight resulting in your breasts not being symmetrical. A filler prostheses can be used to restore the symmetry between your natural breast tissue and the reconstructed side.

Silima 'ultra light' breast prosthesis - 'ultra light' breast prosthesis

Silima 'Conform' Partial breast prosthesis 

Full breast prosthesis

For mastectomies, the full breast form will be chosen according to the size and shape of your remaining breast, or according to what you are comfortable with in the case of a bilateral mastectomy.
These silicone breast forms are fitted into your post-mastectomy bras and are soft and lightweight for the most amount of comfort.

Swim and active prosthesis

If you are an avid swimmer, or enjoy being very active, we would suggest getting a swimming/active prosthesis. These prosthetics are made of a stronger silicone that can withstand the salty, chlorinated conditions of swimming pools and the ocean.

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