Lymphoedema and the management of
chronic swelling: 

Oedema is a visible and palpable swelling in particular of the
extremities, that can be caused by a range of conditions or
injuries. Lymphoedema is a common occurrence following
cancer surgery when lymph nodes are removed and/or
subsequent radiation therapy. Lymphoedema can occur
months or years after treatment. 

  • HOW IS LYMPHOEDEMA TREATED: Lymphoedema is treated by means of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and suitable compression therapy, as well as skin care and decongestive exercises.
  • COMPRESSION THERAPY AIMS TO: Improve the lymphatic flow, soften the hardened tissue, pain relief, immobilisation of the tissue, and to prevent fluid build-up in the limb(s).
  • COMPRESSION THERAPY AND GARMENTS: To ensure the results of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage are maintained, it is necessary to apply compression to the affected tissue. Medical compression garments provide a precisely defined pressure gradient. Compression garments are available in different levels or grades of pressure. It is important that you are evaluated and measured by a certified Orthotist with extensive experience in measuring and manufacturing for compression garments. Should you struggle with Oedema, Lymphoedema, or swelling in any region of your body following your treatment, we recommend that you arrange an appointment to see one of our qualified Lymphoedema Therapists or Orthotists.

'Comfiwave' lymphoedem night garment

Silima 'Mobiderm' lymphoedema sleeve

Arm compression sleeve

'Comfiwave' lymphoedema night garment

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