Post-Operative Bras

Post Operative bras are designed to provide additional comfort, care, and support during the first six weeks after your breast surgery.
Regardless of the type of breast procedure, consistent support of surgically altered tissue is a necessary part of post-operative care following surgery.
How do I acquire a post-operative bra?
It would be ideal to receive your post-operative bra either before surgery, or while still in hospital. Your surgeon will determine when you will begin wearing the post-operative bra . Post-operative bras have a big impact on your result. The aspect of compression in these bras help reduce swelling, increase drainage, keeping the implants/expanders in place, whilst giving you a sense of protection and relief. You won't be wearing a normal bra for a duration of time, so these are the perfect options for safety and comfort. The front opening zip/clip is designed towards comfort and ease of applying, as you may not be able to extend your arms backwards after surgery.

Anita post op Lynn bra

Anita post op Lynn bra

Anita Lymph O Fit post mastectomy bra for lymphedema

post mastectomy post op bra

Post-Mastectomy Lumpectomy Bras

Padded mastectomy bras have been designed to hold your breast prosthesis securely in place, while providing the maximum amount of support and comfort.
With our wide range of post-mastectomy bras, our goal is to get you fitted with the best bra for YOU. There is something for everyone, from soft cups to padded cups, from lacy to plain, and a variety of colours to choose from.
You may be wandering what the differences between normal bras and post-mastectomy bras are? A good mastectomy bra has the following features enabling the bra to keep the breast prosthesis securely and comfortably in place.

  • POCKETED BRAS: Most mastectomy bras have pockets to house a breast prosthesis or form. Theses pockets are sewn into the bra cups and are made from a soft silk like material. The pockets are comfortable against your skin and further allows a small amount air to ventilate the area between your chest wall and the mastectomy bra.
  • GOOD PECTORAL COVERAGE: The higher sternal section gives rise to good pectoral cover to ensure the bra sits snug against the chest wall. This will also prevent the bra from gaping when you bend forward. 
  • NO UNDERWIRE: This is key that no restrictions are placed on lymph drainage with removed nodes. An underwire creates a narrow point of pressure that decreases lymph drainage. It is imperative that no restrictions are placed on lymph drainage. 
  • BROAD SIDE WALL: This ensures that the scar sites and potential skin and soft tissue left post mastectomy is comfortably contained and supported. It also provides additional support and surface area to enable the bra structure to carry the weight of the breast prosthesis. The waist band side wall will alleviate weight from the shoulder straps - like a backpack does with a waist band.
  • HIGH STERNAL SEGMENT: This ensures that the breast and/or breast prosthesis is encapsulated. This will keep the breast prosthesis securely in place and prevent migration in the bra, as well as keep the bra snug against the torso.
  • MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY: Mastectomy bras are made from a high cotton count or microfibre material to ensure that they are comfortable to wear, soft to touch, and do not build up heat or moisture.
  • SOFT EDGES: Soft edges will ensure comfort while wearing as you might have areas that are sensitive post mastectomy and treatment.

Active wear bras

There are various options if you are an active person and would like sports bras.

Anita Vivana Active post mastectomy sports bra

Anita momentum sports bra

Anita Air control delta pad post mastectomy sports bra

Anita Extreme Control post mastectomy sports bra

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