Sport bras are designed to provide additional support to your bust and/or breast prostheses during activities such as running, hiking and/or going to the gym. We have an extensive range of active bras, wether you are wearing an external breast prostheses, had breast reconstruction or a breast augmentations.



Anita Irina 5321X Mastectomy Bra is the ideal sports and recreation bra for the woman seeking firm support. The specially developed microfiber is breathable and fast-drying, while soft edgings and the microfiber under-bust band provide pure comfort. Molded cups are slightly concealing with pockets on both sides; while the low-stretch comfort straps stay in place. Now you can concentrate on your workout, not your bra.




Anita Vivana 5300X Mastectomy Bra is a snug fitting, lightweight sports bra. It is perfect for especially sensitive skin because of the soft, breathable, lightweight microfiber quick-dry fabric. Additional reinforcement at the shoulder and low-elasticity comfort make the adjustable shoulder straps for this sports bra. Pre-form microfiber pockets are specifically designed to work with the fabric of the outer cups while the snug-fitting microfiber edge band under the bust, neckline, and arms provides secure support to minimize movement of the breast while holding the breast form securely in place during activity.




New, good looking and very supportive sports bra made in modern breathable fabric for all day freshness. The support strap above the bust and to the sides reduces movement during sports. Back fastening. Comes with deep pockets on both sides to fit a wide variety of breast forms including partials and shells. The pocket of the bra which is not needed folds away discreetly in the cup so the natural breast is not hindered. Suitable for left, right or double mastectomies, lumpectomies and reconstructions. Support: Firm