What is a Post Mastectomy bra?

A mastectomy bra is a bra designed specifically for women who has had a mastectomy. Mastectomy bra’s are required to hold the prostheses in place by method of a pocket within the bra cup that holds the prostheses securely in place. As there is no skin, ligament or muscle holding the “breast” in place, it is up the the bra to effectively house and carry the weight of the prostheses comfortably.

A good mastectomy bra has the following features enabling the bra to securely and comfortably keep a breast prostheses in place:

  • Pocketed. Most mastectomy bra’s have pockets to house a breast prostheses or form. Theses pockets are sewn into the bra cups and are generally made from soft silk like material that is comfortable against someone’s skin and further allows a small amount air to ventilate the area between your chest wall and the mastectomy bra.
  • High Sternal Segment. This ensures that the breast and/or breast prostheses are/is encapsulated. This will keep the breast prostheses securely in place and prevent migration in the bra as well as keep the bra snag against the torso
  • Broad side wall. This ensures that the scar sites and potential skin and soft tissue left post mastectomy is comfortably contained and supported. It also provides addition support the the bra structure to carry the prostheses weight elevating weight from the shoulder straps – like a backpack does with a waist band.
  • No underwire. This is key that no restrictions are placed on lymph drainage with removed nodes. A underwire create a narrow point of pressure that decreases lymph drainage
  • Good pectoral coverage. The higher sternal section gives raise to good pectoral cover to ensure the bra sits snugly against the chest wall. This will also prevent the bra from gaping when you bend forward.
  • Material Technology. Mastectomy bra’s are made from high cotton count or microfibre materials to ensure that the are comfortable to wear, soft to touch and do not build up heat or moisture.
  • Soft Edges. Soft edges will ensure comfort with wearing as there might be sensitive area’s post mastectomy and treatment